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About the 19th Century

The 19th Century is noted for its industrial Revolution. Feudalism slowly turns into industry, thus enabling manual labor became easier. Technology became the essential aspect of this era.

This era is divided into two ages: the Romantic period and the Victorian period.

Romantic Period, Early 19th Century


Poetry flourished during this period, influenced by the French and the American Revolutions. Poets from this age longed for the chivalry from the Medieval Age, and emphasizes on their imaginations, feelings, and intuition. It is noted that beginning from this age, the poets are known for their individual expressions.

This era is known for their Lake Poets. Lake poets are a group of people living on Lake District, located in northwestern part of England. Mostly they deal with naturalistic works, influenced by their beautiful surroundings.

Examples of Lake Poets are William Wordsworth and Samuel T. Coleridge.

  • William Wordsworth
    • Known for his simple language on his poems.
    • He is known for making ordinary things beautiful by his poems.
    • His notable works are The Daffodils, Lucy, The Prelude, and London.
  • Samuel Coleridge
    • Able to create mysterious events to be logically accepted by the readers.
    • He is known for The Rime of Ancient Mariner, Kubla Khan, and Christabel.

Both of these famous Lake Poets created a collection of poems contained in a book, entitled Lyrical Ballads.

Other notable poets from the Romantic Period are:

  • George Byron
    • He used classical form, influenced by Alexander Pope.
    • His works are usually satires.
    • Notable for Don Juan and Childe Harold.
  • Percy Bycshe Shelly
    • Considered as one of the finest lyrical poet.
    • He is an atheist, and Mary Shelly’s husband.
    • His works are Adonais (describing John Keats’ death), Ozymondias (a sonnet), and Promotheus Unbound (a play)
  • John Keats
    • He loved beauty, and famous for his odes and ballads.
    • His works usually branches from Greek’s myth.
    • His famous works are Endymion and La Belle Dame Sans Merci (believed by people for satirizing his Tuberculosis).

Victorian Period, Late 19th Century

Victorian Period

The poems on this era has became more melancholic than before, and individual expressions are developed much more than it was from the earlier Romantic Period.

Some of the names include:

  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson
    • He struggles to change the ideas of this period.
    • His shorter poems are usually better than the longer ones.
    • His works include The Idylls of the King and Ulysses.
  • Robert Browning
    • His views stated that the content of the poem is more important than its form.
    • His writing style is noted to be difficult.
    • He gained his fame in literary world thanks to his works, The Pied Piper of Hamelin and Pauline.
  • Elizabeth Barett Browning
    • She is considered as one of the greatest English poetess who ever lived.
    • She never gave title to her works, and their themes are usually sad and full of suffering.
    • Some of her popular works are Sonnet from Portuguese and Casa Guild Windows.
  • Dante Gabriel Rosetti
    • His works are mostly musical, known as “fleshly school”, which is considered as “immoral” on that age.
    • He wrote in alliteration, a literary style which has repeated sound of the first consonant in a series of multiple words.
    • He is known for writing A Last Confession, Sudden Light, and Saul’s Beauty.
  • Christina Georgina Rosetti
    • Her poems’ theme are usually sad and religious.
    • She is considered the best in writing excellent sonnet of an unhappy love.
    • Her poems, Goblin Market and Other Poems, made her to be considered as one of the best sonnet writers.
  • Mathew Arnold
    • Also a philosopher, his works are mainly sad and melancholic.
    • He is influenced greatly by Wordsworth and Shakespeare.
    • He is notable through his works, Rugby Chapel and The Scholar Gipsy.
  • Algernon Charles Swinburne
    • Spend his time writing on political verse.
    • Her poems, just like Dante Rosetti’s, are considered controversial by that era’s society.
    • His popular works are Poems and Ballads, Tristam, and Lyonesse.

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