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Vos flores rosarum,

qui in effusione sanguinis vestri

beati estis,

in maximis gaudiis redolentibus

et sudantibus in emptione

que fluxit

de interiori mente consilii

manentis ante evum:

In illo, in quonon erat  in constitutio

a capite

Sit honor in consortio vestro,

qui estis instrumentum ecclesie

et qui in vulneribus

vestri sanguinis undatis:

In illo, in quonon erat  in constitutio

a capite




You, who are rose blossoms,

who in the flowing of blood are blessed,

exuding the greatest scent of joy

and giving off the grace which flows

from the knowing of the inner mind,

enduring from before eternity,

through that One who has no beginning.

In your companionship may there be honor,

you who are instruments of the sacred gathering.

And through whose wounds life-blood streams with that One,

Who has no beginning.

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